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    The behavior of some managers on the transfer list annoys me. They buy players from the list and directly put them back on the list to get make money quickly. By doing this they create a situation with a big difference between the team values in the competition. Making the competition less competitive because in what we would a 4 million team win from 20 million team? Thereby, by facilitating this, OSM creates a transfer behavior which is far from reality.

    I rather see a system where managers feel forced to look carefully which player they want to buy from the transfer list. For example to not allow reselling a player within (for example) 10 match days. After ten days they can sell the player if they want. This way the manager is more likely to use that player in matches. Also I think this system will make OSM competitions closer to reality. Because the arrival of better players on the transfer list takes longer.

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    @Nellic_NL Agree!

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    Thanks for the suggestion mate....but you should consider that some leagues have not more than 20 matchdays....with your suggestion a team would be able to do 2 or three transfers and that's all....transfers are for the benefit of every manager and are free to all to use them....