(Bug) information data analyst dashboard

  • Dutch Users

    There is a bug with the new data information about your opponent on the dashboard.

    Yesterday I’ve played against this team and used the data analyst before my game.
    Today I play again against him (cup) and when I login I see this information:
    alt text

    For this game I didn’t use the data analyst.

    When I go to (or) my team (or) training (or) ... and go back to the dashboard is doesn’t change.

    But if I click on my opponent to see his team and I go back to the dashboard I see this:
    alt text

    So there is something wrong.

  • English Users

    I found another one too, usually after the data analyst comes back this is wht it shows us, the average of each postion:
    But in my other slot, even though my data analyst came back and i know tht his avg is 104 comapared to mine 103, this is the bug:
    As u can see my data analyst is back: