Caching issues keep causing empty screen while first opening on browser daily

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    Since this topic originally opened on June 17th 2020, nothing has changed on playing from the browser.

    Still everyday I need to go to the logout url, give my consent, say that I have an account already so want to login and eventually login to be able to view my slots.

    It feels like this workaround has been accepted as a minor bug which doesn't need to be solved, but it is highly annoying as I need to do this every single day for 2,5 months now.

    Please solve this issue.

    Note: Issues keep popping up on latest version of Google Chrome (Current Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build)) on MacOS.

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    Anyone? GameBasics or mods?

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  • We have no other issues like the one you're reporting, so it should be a local issue!

    The issue we've is with OSM no longer be supported by older browsers, but on those, there's nothing users can do to make it work!

    Do you use ad blockers or any other extension that may be denying the cache update?

    Have you tried with other browsers?

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    Hi SpecialOne, gave it a few days, but still keeps on happening. Uninstalled some Chrome extensions, but keeps occurring. Even on different MacBooks. A computer restart will cause the empty screen to popup again and go to the logout url manually again. Am on latest Chrome version, also tried latest Safari version, but same issue.

  • We really can't reproduce it 😞

    Have you tried with other browsers?

    We've just set a new build live, maybe with the 'forced' cache update due to new data it solves the problem for you!

  • Dutch Users

    Nope, unfortunately not... Maybe trying Internet Explorer will resolve the issue 🙈