Boss coints from invite friend

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    I invited 2 friends to play (wardilan and bluntss, both now active in the same league as i am) but havent received the 2x50 boss coins promosed for doing so, also after waiting for a couple days now, whats up?

  • That's a known bug, I've invited many friends as well never got them.

  • @Spitler Hi mate,

    To be able to get these rewards, following criteria have to be met:

    • New user has to sign up via invitation link and on same session (if user installs app then closes it and later opens it and sign up, it won't work.
    • He needs to click link again and only after create the account)Invited user has to create a new account and not joining league with an existing one.
    • There's a maximum of 10 rewards, so all invites sent after that won't give any more rewards.
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    Thanks for the reply, but all those criteria are met (I checked before posting)

  • @Spitler do you meet this criterion:

    • New user must create his/her account on the same OSM version as the inviter (i.e. World for World, Dutch for Dutch versions)

  • @Joe-McNorthMan said in Boss coints from invite friend:

    That's a known bug, I've invited many friends as well never got them.

    Please, don't provide wrong information. There's no bug at all on reward system!

    @Spitler We've in average 2500 rewards given due to invitations, so the invite reward system is working.

    As explained by @Lirind your friends need to follow some steps for the system to know that new account was created upon your invitation and reward you.
    I saw that the 2 accounts you mention created their accounts on web version 2 and 3 days after your account been created. But, their accounts are not linked as been invited by you, so they probably went to website and didn't created accounts on the page open by clicking the link you provided. I'm assuming that you provided them a link from the invite friends page (link would have to be something like this

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    @Lirind Yes

    @SpecialOne They clicked on the link and created an account. Unless you think my friends are lying to me, there is no question about that.
    Indeed I gave them a link that looks like the one you quote.
    We did not record our screens, so I cannot prove in that sense that they created it "in the right place" (after following the link, again, they díd do that), maybe they can go into their browser history? I'll ask.

    As a sidenote, what you say to @Joe-McNorthMan is unhelpful. Regardless of whats the origin, in this very thread there are two people with a problem regarding the invite reward system. Are there more out there that did not bother posting? @Joe-McNorthMan claims it's "known", i.e., many people have already discussed it.
    Dismissing this as "there can not be any bug since sometimes it does work" is not a good development attitude, and will make you overlook many problems regarding your code (I do have experience with code development ..). In any case, lets get back to find out what happened here - i'll report soon

  • Know bug, by definition is something that is proved that's not working and that's already reported and waiting for a fix.

    There's nothing proved that invite friends doesn't work, neither anyone managed to prove it's not working, because every time people follow the correct steps it works.

    One thing is managers reporting they didn't got rewards a complete different one is that they didn't got them because of a bug.

    If you invite a new friend, just make sure he follows the correct steps. If he does and you still don't get the rewards, then please let us know the exact steps both of you did and we'll check what went wrong and explain/fix.