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    How can i get more coins btw i know about watching videos and the playing other games which don't work and its a ...............
    So is there other ways i can without them i mentioned

  • @FaZeGregPaul Hi mate,

    • Every active manager on Osm is rewarded with 1 Boss Coin every six (6) hours during each day.

    • Every manager has the so called Achievements on his game profile page. For each one of the completed Achievements there is a certain reward of Boss Coins waiting for the manager to earn it.

    • Every manager who participates in a league and completes the league in a good position, by achieving his team's original goal or even higher, gets rewarded with an amount of Boss Coins.

    • Through OSM shop.

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    @FaZeGregPaul and please watch your language....