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    Hi, I am continuing my league in Moldova. I have selected Speranta as the club, which was confirmed on my Android phone. Now I have logged in on a desktop, It says I will be managing Sfintul Gheorgie. Please help? I never play goal 1!

  • Hi,

    You don't need to worry, after reset you'll be managing Speranta.

    Can you please help us trace this situation?

    • When you set up your next season you did it on browser on phone or on OSM App?
    • If you set it up on App, which version of OSM App you've?
    • How did you accessed moderator tools? Via notification or via link on Dashboard (web) or Menu (App)
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    Thanks. Yes it is Speranta. Thanks for the help. I did the set up next season via the android osm app on my phone. It is the latest version via the menu. Thanks again, this is a relief.