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    Hi, I have a problem which started few days ago. For some reason, sometimes I'm unable to watch adds on my mobile phone. When I'm going to watch adds there are 3 different scenaries:

    1. Sometimes, I can watch it without problem and I earn coins.
    2. Sometims, I can't open video. Then I have to run again the game and after few trying I can watch it.
    3. Sometimes (today almost everytime when I was going to watch videos) video is open but I can't watch it. It shows me only black screen like on this photo. 119201024_239447637437449_3905459974935849916_n.png
      If I'm waiting after maybe minute it comes video, but when the video starts, after few seconds it is paused and then I have to wait more to continue playing
      Photo below is example of one video which lasts 30 seconds but it was automatically paused after 3 seconds. Then after maybe 20 seconds video is automatically played once again, but it stops after few seconds. An then again and again. It's really annoying that for video which lasts 30 seconds I have to spend 3-4 minutes to watch it to earn coins.

    On the web I can watch it normally, but problem is that on web I can watch only 6 videos per hour, but on mobile I can watch it 9
    So because I am unable to watch it on mobile, every hour I lost 3 boss coins. So it's very important to me that this problem is fixed.
    I'm using android mobile.

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    Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app to see if it helps solve the problem? Also make sure you are using the latest version of the OSM app.

    If this doesn't; t solve the problem please report it again using the bug template which could be found on the important please read topic.