• Dutch Users

    Hello everyone,

    Bug 1: Since about a month, I can no longer see the teams of other managers in leagues that I am not in. For example: I want to check a friends team in a league that I am no longer in. I click on his team and the game crashes and brings me to the login screen where I can choose which slot I want to be on.

    We used to be able to check teams from other managers. This is very useful when you are checking out potential managers to join your crew.

    I know that someone from my crew also has this problem, so it's not just on my end.

    Bug 2: The timer next to the team you manage sometimes dissapears. For example: I am on the dashboard and I can see the timer. I go to my formation and the timer is no longer there. see picture: alt text

    Bug 3: Sometimes the game just crashes out of nowhere and tells me to login again. This doesn't happen that much but it is very annoying. A friend of mine also has this problem often.

  • English Moderator


    These are known bugs and GB are working on fixing them.