Referees and their Effects

  • Good people. I'd like to raise a chat about the referees and their effects!

    • For you, are the reasons that lead to red and yellow cards clear? What strange thing happened to you? With me once happened to have an expulsion on account of a flyer with both legs!

    "What about the results?" Most of the time, whenever there is an expulsion, we have thrashes! Does not this happen a lot in the real world or am I mistaken?

    • Is it normal for a blue referee to throw out and give so many yellow cards, while we often have orange or red referees who do not kick, even if we play aggressively?

    Below are some images for illustration only. What matters is to see what happens to you and what you think about it!






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  • @boskovice said in Referees and their effects - Opinion:

    I think it's luck

    Maybe the squad has influenced!

  • Right. At this point I believe it is a must for me to share and try to explain a few things about the Referees and the OSM engine. Cause my dear @Adilmo-Rocha it is possible a lot of new arrived managers will be reading this topic and I surely don't want any of them to get the wrong idea about how the OSM engine works or what any manager should do according to the Referee of his/her match.

    About the Categories of the Referees :

    We have 5 different kind of Refs ( Referees). Starting from number 1 who is the most easy going one and very lenient Ref up to number 5 who is the most severe and strict Ref of them all ! Of course as you can imagine , the more strict the Ref the more possible for us to get a red card or lots of yellows during a match. And if we choose to play way too aggressively for all of our matches then I'm afraid that comes with a cost for our players.

    But allow me to explain myself ...

    I will begin by sharing with you my personal habits on the tackling part of the game , depending on the Ref that I will have to face for each match .

    Refs & Tackling :

    alt text
    alt text

    Ref. 1 >> The most lenient/mild Ref of them all >> The beloved Green Ref : I use always Reckless tackling while on this sweet Ref, cause he hardly ever gives away any card to my players.
    Just love this guy! 😍

    Ref. 2 >> Another mild to average Ref >> The so called Blue Ref : I use only Aggressive tackling here.

    Ref. 3 >> The average & tricky in my opinion Ref >> The so called Yellow Ref : I use Normal and rarely Aggressive Tackling while on this Ref. Cause sometimes he is more of a mild one but other times he behaves as a bad a** one.
    So my decision depends on how important is this match and how much I want to win it. 😜

    Ref. 4 >> The strict Ref >> The so called Orange Ref : I mostly use Careful tackling on this uptight dude.

    Ref. 5 >> The strictest of all Refs >> The so called Red ( & firey 🔥 ) Ref : Any guesses about this one ?
    Well of course I go always & only with Careful tackling while on this draconian like Referee ! ☣ ☠

    And I have won plenty of matches while using my Careful tackling due to the presence of a strict Ref. 😜

    Important Notice:

    Yes, lady luck plays for some matches her part as well on the results .
    Yes, for some random rounds you will witness underdog squads winning the match. Just like in real footy !
    But please lets face the facts here. Strict Refs give away yellow and red cards more often than any average or mild Ref.
    It is advised to focus not on the exceptions but on the main facts of this game.
    Stop looking at a single tree cause you are missing the whole forest my friends.

    That's my simple way of using this wise old saying : "Can't see the forest for the trees" , an expression used for someone who is too involved in the details of a problem instead of looking at the situation as a whole. 😉

    That was my two cents on the Refs & their effects topic that our mate Adilmo was kind to open and create this wonderful discussion. Thank you Adilmo. 🤝
    Now best of luck to all of you my mates !

    ⚠ Warning !

    If you decide to use a combo of hard tackling with very high pressure then you also risk of getting bad injuries for some of your players!

  • Evidence for my above statements ...You know what they say...One picture equals to a 1000 words ! 😆
    And I do talk a lot sometimes eh? Apologies but I'm a woman after all . 😊

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    And I rest my case . Haha. 😆


    EXCELLENT!!! ✌

  • @Adilmo-Rocha Awwww...Well thank you Adilmo.😊 As you can see I do have my way to kill'em softly ...

  • The entire system is stupid for me.
    It has too much influence on the result.
    If you got a red card you will lose 99,9% doesen't matter how strong your squad is.
    I thought this game should be as real as possible, but with this system it's not the case.
    Sometimes I have 300 M stronger squad and I lose. In real life, if Real Madrid get a red card they will lose 0:5 vs Las Palmas? No.

    My worst scenario happened this year on the OSM World Cup. The referee was blue (2), I played normal (in that time I was not risking too much) and my opponent played extreme and I got a red card and he not and that was a very important game for me in the semifinal league. (I was playing home). In that moment I really wanted to smash my PC...
    Now I am risking much more. I stoped to play careful. When the referee is red I play normal and when he is orange I play usually normal and sometimes agressive if I play away. When the referee is yellow I usually play agressive, someimes normal if I have much stronger squad. I play agressive and extreme when the referees are blue and green.
    My advice for all is to risk little more... ))

  • @MenagerBL Completely agree, I always ahd situations when I had 300-400M better squads, but If I get red card in first half I regurarly loose easilly, no matter what tactics I am using, defensive, attacking, the doomsday is coming 😄

    Yesterday, 1st minute red card for me :


    No chance at all for me, though my squad is slightly better.

  • Same teams, day after in the league, no red card for me this time. Same tactics used from me #lol


  • @Majstor-Matt
    ahah 1st minute red cards are the worst thing you can imagine, but again 1 shot for the entire game although you're playing home with a stronger squad is just ridiculous...

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 thank you for this helpful explanation.
    I also grade my tackling according to the strictness of the ref, although I never use 'cautious'.

    At the end of your explanation you mention pressure.
    Do you have any evidence that pressure contributes to injuries or even yellow/red cards?
    Some managers have told me that it does, but I'm not convinced.

  • @phaultseberg You're welcome Phaults. I hope my explanation can help a lot of managers .☺
    Now about the pressure, I'm sorry to disappoint you mate but I can only speak of my personal bad experience from past matches .
    If I was to provide evidence about the dangers of the rough tackling and high pressure combo it would probably cost me a match and also damage to my future rounds too. Thus, I'm sorry but I cannot provide shots about it. 😉


    And yes, I have won plenty of matches while using my Careful tackling due to the presence of a strict Ref. 😜

    Shhh giving away the big secrets there 😁

  • @Exter98 I know right? 🤣
    Whatever, it's just a game buddy. Let's have fun !

  • I have the feeling that referees have become more strict during the past few months. I've always played reckless with green, blue and even yellow referees; and aggressive with orange and red ones, but never normal or careful. I hardly got any red cards by playing that way. But as I said I've noticed referees have become more strict so I don't risk that much anymore and have started playing normal with orange and red ones.

    Regarding the pressure, nobody seems to know for sure whether it affects the chance of getting red cards. Well, I am pretty sure it does. You'll be more likely to get a red card if you play with high pressure even if the ref is lenient. On the other hand you can play reckless with low pressure and won't normally get any red cards.

    Regarding the fact that a red card has too much influence in the game and you always lose even if your squad is very strong... well, that is true and it doesn't happen on real football, but I don't think that should change as it makes the game more thrilling and results more unpredictable. There are many other unreal things in this game. For example, it is not real that a player who started the league being rated 60 can end up the league being 100+, even better than Messi, after being trained during just 20 games. It is also unreal that a goal 16 team from a humble country can win the league and sign players like Cristiano, Griezmann... players who would never sign for such a small team. OSM is loosely based in real football but doesn't need to be too real.


    My idea with the topic was just to see the opinions and what happens to each one.

    With me, in almost 95% of the time, if I have 1 expelled, I lose the game and for many goals. I think that's the biggest issue on the subject.

    But there are cases where even with kicked out, the coach wins. It still seems to me somewhat abstract that we are discovering with time!


  • @Adilmo-Rocha said in Referees and their effects - Opinion:


    My idea with the topic was just to see the opinions and what happens to each one.

    I could see that Adilmo and that's why I thanked you in my previous post. Due to your topic we have all the opportunity to exchange our personal thoughts and experience about this matter, that probably has been a pain for some of our fellow managers here.

    With me, in almost 95% of the time, if I have 1 expelled, I lose the game and for many goals. I think that's the biggest issue on the subject.

    Then my dear Adilmo maybe time has come for you to try new things with your special tactics and stop getting your players expelled, and this topic hopefully will give you fresh ideas. 😉

    But there are cases where even with kicked out, the coach wins. It still seems to me somewhat abstract that we are discovering with time!

    Like I've mentioned earlier...This football game is not a 100% predictable one . Lady luck plays her part too and that's exactly the reason for me finding it so fascinating ! And I love the fact that I can discover new things all the time and each league is unique and a whole new adventure to me ! 😄


  • A funny picture from the past ...:rofl:

    alt text

    Seven bloody days of suspension for my player ! 😠
    For any of you that think the old version and old Referees were like angelic ones ! Muahaha!
    I learned my lesson alright almost 2 years ago. 😜

  • Can anybody tell me, why with red referee when I play normal style, and my opponents aggressive, but red cards are always given to my players?