Nearly 1,500 Boss Coins disappeared from my account

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    Yesterday about 800 Boss Coins disappeared from my account.
    Today, after logging in, I have noticed another 700 Coins disappeared.

    I have lost BCs in this way in the past but was not too bothered at the time. Now, this is becoming a concern?

    At the moment I have 1320 and wonder what will happen next.

    Thanks for any advice,


  • @andrzejski Hi mate,

    have you mistakenly bought players with a boss coin? Does anyone else have your account password?

    If you haven't bought any player with boss coins and none has your account password then report it as a bug. How to report a bug just click at this link: Bug Report Template:

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    Thank you for your response!

    I cannot be 100% certain I haven't done this by mistake. I am pretty sure I have NOT because I have been around long enough not to commit such errors.

    Having said that, I cannot say for sure I have not used my BCs accidentally to buy a player - but I can say for sure there was no alert "You have not enough funds to buy this player". This usually works, but It didn,t in this case.

  • @andrzejski if you want to be sure about the disappearing of your boss coins, then report as a bug. How to report it, click on this link >>> How to Act - Bug Report Template. In this link, you will find the introduction of how to report a bug.