Purchase player difference with Phone/Website PC

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    Hello everyone. I've been playing for about 2 weeks now and I have been playing on my computer. Every time I wanted to buy a player, I had to use a boss coin. I didn't mind this as I thought this was as designed, but today I installed the app on my phone and noticed I can buy a player there with watching a commercial instead of using one boss coin. I am aware of browsers having add block plugins so to test this, I opened up OSM on an incognito session in Chrome, but even then the options for buying with watching a commercial is just not there. Why is this only a mobile phone thing?

    Playing on a browser works smoother for me, when I am home and would like this feature on the browser too. Is this normal behaviour?

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    @aswarola8 Yeah, the browser can have a lot of disadvantages, can't see the comentator's feedback on your perfomance, can't see top contributors, top rated etc.

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    Hello mate...yes, this is normal....there is a benefit of the app...but on app you don't have the forums...for now...so you have to choose...