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    It's amazing and ridiculous at the same time how unbalanced and influential this game is! why?
    I started a new league (Italian League) with some friends (17 friends) and since it started two days ago I sold 4 players and today I sold 0 all day at once and I didn't sell one all day! now you tell me that it doesn't influence the league? it won't give advantage to my opponents for having better players, for having better reinforcements? And don't come with the excuse that I make them expensive because they are not, they even sell them more expensive! This is ridiculous and not the first time I think that osm doesn't like me! it's super revolting a whole day not to sell a player! I want you to at least tell me, explain to me why I haven't sold a single player
    And I'm sorry about my English which is really google translator but I just want to know how this happens to me

  • @Diogo1028 Hi mate,

    I am very sorry for your situation with the transfer list, but it is something that affects all managers. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. If your friends are selling players it means that the transfer list doesn't have any problem. Selling players is just random, sometimes we can sell up to 4+ players, sometimes less and sometimes none for even up to a week. You should know that there are many factors that you need to be careful about if you sell players such as age, position, other players in the transfer list, etc... The only thing that you can do is to figure out how you can sell your players faster ( for example, remove them and add again in the transfer list, etc...)

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    @Lirind Thanks Lirind 👍