Is playing battles considered a 'punishment' by this new manager medals system ?

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    I have noticed that i dont get a 'league bonus' medaly after finishing a battle. In my opinion this is highly questionable and it disregards managers who compete in battles.
    Manager who actively play battles have no chance of being competitive in this meddals ranking since we hava those big bonuses only on 3 slots, instead of 4.
    Was that the point ? To make battles less desirable ? Or is there something I'm missing ?
    In my opinion, if anything, battles should award more points than regular leagues because they are played on a whole different level then anything else in the game, dificulty wise.

    @SpecialOne mate, could you clarify why battles don't award bonus medals ?

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    @IvanAndal Totally agree, although it is less time, perfectly those who compete in short leagues obtain many more medals than someone who competes in battles, especially those of us who compete in high divisions. What can be done is to give extra medals to the winning group (the 5) of the battle, can be an alternative.

    But certainly the new ranking system (medals) is opposed to the competition of group battles.

  • This is being dicussed in this topic and as stated there, battles also award manager medals. We tested it and we can't find any issues on it.

    Since it seems that it's not happening only to a single manager, it may be 'phone' related. Which phone you've? Did you tried these steps:

    • Force close App (not minimise, close it)
    • go to Android settings, storage, search for OSM and clear data
    • Open OSM and cycle your 4 slots logging on all of them
    • It may happen that Medals doesn't show, if that's the case, force close app and open it again and cycle again the 4 slots

    If it still didn't works, can you please provide Device model and let us know that after ME you still get the popup with clubfunds earned?

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    @SpecialOne sorry, i missed that topic.

    My device is Xiaomi Mi8 Pro. (MIUI Global 11.0.5)

    After ME i do get the points for that single match, the thing I don't get is the bonus points which are awarded after finishig the league/battle.

    I have tried clearing data, I did not get any points from previous battles afger that either. Im sure I haven't been getting any of thos bonuses because I've been closely monitoring those medals.

    For example, for finishing 10 teams league on another slot i got around 28.000 medals, that made me expect at least 5.000-10.000 medals for the completed battle, but as I said i never got any.

    I must say i don't remeber if I was getting any in the beta test phase 🤔


    I get this.

    I'm now at matchday 5/10 in the current battle and I will try to get a screenshot of the medals calculation after the last matchday.

  • Again a Xiaomi device..... 😞

    What's wrong with those phones.... it's the 3rd error that occurs only on Xiaomi devices, and all of them visual ones....

    Can you check if there's any software update available for your device? I was googling a bit about it for the other issues and I saw in several places that this is a device software issue. In the meantime I'm going to check with devvers if they have any 'extra' info about these Xiaomi devices!

    About medals, you got them, you can confirm with the amount you've every day before simulation starts... (or after you check first one) you'll see that sum won't match....

    You can also chose to doublecheck on Web version!

  • hmmm

    Reading back your answer.

    The above screenshot is the manager medals you got at the end of last battle match. Did you got it on Android App? If so, it's all fine...

    Or you're trying to report something different?

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    @SpecialOne i do get medals after match. I don't get the bonus for the end of the league, those extra points you get after completing a league. Thats what im asking about. And as I said,i can provide a screenshot of that after the battle is over.

    As for xiaomi devices, they don't use the same OS as andorid devices, they have their own OS, so I assume that some visual setups are different for these devices. But as for myself, i dont think I have any visual bugs, I'm just wondering about that 'end of the league bouns'.
    Based on your response, I'm pretty sure you didn't quite get what I'm talking about. I hope I made it more clear now 🤔🙂

  • Ok, I thought you were talking on day to day basis.

    Since you're referring only to the end of battle, it's included on the screen with last match, as in all leagues. It's way less probably than you expect, maybe that's why you missed it....

    I'll keep this topic open for your screenshot, so I can take a look. If you can ask screenshots from your crewmates also, would be nice