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    Dear all,

    I become really sick of players of OSM with ordinary teams like, Alaves in my competition.
    They have in their team players like: Wijnaldum;Christiano Ronaldo, Maquire, etc. Normally they have not the money to buy these toppers. I know that there is a circuit on the internet, where you can buy very cheap these best players of the world. That is why you see simple teams doing very good in this competitions.

    For me it is a reason to stop with OSM soon, if there will be no kind of control on sort of cheating.
    Play fair with the team you choose and do your best to make your team better by training and buying players who suits with the normal revenues of your club.

    I really hope that this kind of cheating can be stopped, because there is no fun in this way of playing.
    I am not afraid to lose games, but that must be done against a better manager of a normally better team (Real Madrid;Barcelona etc.)

    It happens not only in this single Spanish League, but in all possible Leagues in different countries.

    OSM Management Team, please do something about this!

    Kind regards,


  • English Moderator


    Because a team has good players doesn't mean that they are cheating.

    However, cheating will never be reported, discussed or handled through forums.

    If you suspect someone of cheating you can report him by going to his profile and use the report cheater tool which you can find there.