Next season - Invitations?

  • I have a question.
    Before the beginning of my current league in Belarus I sent 15 invitations to different people from my country.
    I want to continue the ''season'' to save some coins because it's cheaper than to build a league again.
    Did I need to send invitations again to them or can they join the league alone?
    I think in the old version you could continue to play without new invitations, but also the moderator could remove you from the list for the next season.

  • Hi mate

    If you continue the league via Moderator-Tools all managers that finish that season are automatically in for next season. You dont need to send again the invitation

  • English Moderator

    @MenagerBL Hi, welcome.
    All managers are automatically allowed for next season, so you don't have to sent invitations again.

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