• Hi

    Since i started using this ( Nice ) version of OSM, i've been using ( 4-3-3 B ).

    While i was using ( 4-3-3 A ) in the last version.

    I decided to use ( 4-3-3 B ) in this version, because i was shocked that ( 4-3-3 A ) is not as same as it was in the last version of OSM.

    Where ( 4-3-3 A ), in the last version had all 3 lines of the team = ( Flat ), all players of each line of the team = beside each others, from right to left and vise versa.

    However, ( 4-3-3 A ) in this version?
    has midfield and forward lines scrambled.
    the player in the middle of midfield line's position is moved forward to be (Central Attacking Midfielder ),
    while in the last version ,, exactly in the middle, with the normal position of ( Central Defensive Midfielder ).

    Therefore, i found no way but to use ( 4-3-3 B ) as an alternative, so that i can maintain the right position of the midfielder player in the middle, which is ( CDM ), which is the right and normal thing in real football.

    Where is the problem? ,, Ok,

    some coaches, take advantage of this thing, and find the only way to defeat me or have a draw with me, is ?????
    by using this new ( 4-3-3 A )
    which as i explained, is no way logical or sensful in the real world of football.

    ((( So ))),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Would you please ( fix that )??, ( do something ) about it?

    (( Please )) if in anyway possible, bring us back the real, normal and old ( 4-3-3 A ), which we led our teams to many victories with,
    because it was the real deal, and that we could put the midfielder players line in the correct order
    (( No 8 - No. 6 - No 8 or 10 ))

    Thank you.

  • @دفاعي-هجوم Hi, welcome.
    There's nothing to fix here, since there is no bug.

    I really would advice you to take a look at your own tactic.