join winners cup from crew league

  • why we cant join the winners cup from crew league. i think it is absurdity. because a special league participants can join winners cup an crew's leagues are special league i guess. please allow to join winners cup from crew's leagues.

  • @frk038 Hi mate,

    I think that the reason why you can't win Winners Cup tickets in the crew leagues is that GB would like to keep crew activities separate from the other competitions. Because of this, they have decided not to give crew competitions Winners Cup tickets, even if you play in a country where you can win a Winners Cup ticket.

  • @lirind that may be true. but i have a question. for example, if my crew members and me created a league out of our crew's page, the system dont define this a crew league, it thinks it is a special league. thats when we can join the winners cup from crew's league.

    i think it is a problem.
    for the solution, i have three ideas.

    1. GB may allow to join winners cup from crew's league, in the future.
    2. GB may not allow to join winnerscup from special leagues in the future.
    3. GB may hold winners cup in which only crew leagues can participate in the future.
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    @lirind Thanks!

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    @frk038 Thanks for your suggestions!