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    Some days ago, @Carfyo, one of the most active OSM Forums users posted a topic on the objective of club Ferencvaros. The objective of Ferencvaros was 16, as he told. Well, actually by 16 it meant the objective shall be to reach the round of 16. However, there is still one problem here, and the problem is with the board's chairman. For example my team is Liverpool, and it has an objective of 1 meaning to win the Champions Cup. However, the chairman will give will become satisfied or delighted only then when we come 1st in our group. And if it's Ferencvaros, be it the 4th position, the chairman will still be satisfied. This means the objectives only matter in the group round, which is wrong. Though there is no board in the tournaments, this is still a problem. Think I had team Liverpool and won the Champions Cup, but in group stage if I was on 2nd position, then the chairman would be unhappy. Odd😐😐🙃!! This applies to all the tournaments. Even worse. I hope Gamebasics repairs this ASAP.

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    @vinayak-singh-mehra So, they made it where tournaments are the teams kinda ported to the league, and they dont have a board or a Press Room.

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    Well that's true that there is no board, it is still wrong. And if we talk about the press room, yes, they should include it too.

  • You can only find leagues overview with goals on Web version.

    On Android and Web you don't have that option.

    The fact that goals are listed on tournaments is just a design thing. It's a minor visual thing that doesn't have any impact on the gameplay.

    When you are looking for a team to manage you'll have it clear on the available teams list and on contract:

    • Normal leagues

    • Tournaments

    As you can see there's no objective at all. Goal for all teams is to Win the tournament.