Daily match earnings screen bug

  • English Users

    After I log in to my account in my iphone after a match it shows the result and summary as usual but after that before returning to the main screen the day's incomes are shown. My screen is stuck there, it is not frozen but literally just stuck. My friends tell me that the claim button on that screen is supposed to be clickable but mine isn't . I have suffered this since day one but it always resolved itself in 3-5 mins. Now it is refusing to close no matter where I click and no matter how long I wait

  • @annenn_0 Hi mate, thanks for your report. Are you still having this issue? Please provide me with the following details:

    • The platform you are playing osm on (browser, iphone or android)
    • Browser / phone OS version

    Thanks in advance!

  • German Users

    @jurgenw87 I have the bug that the medal points are shown to me after each login. Is there no way to hide this crap? I am not interested in the medal points, yet I am always spammed with them.