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    This is the second time in a row that I got a different team than I chose in my own competition. A few weeks ago I chose Busan IPark and now I have Pohang Steelers. I am fed up with this and it is not possible to resign at my club (WHY?). Can someone sack me right now so I can start a new competition with the right team?

    I pay a lot for coin packs and this is what I get. Please fix this.

  • @gurumies_nl We're sorry this has happened to you, but you got exactly the team you selected.
    What happened to you was that league was updated after you set up next season and now you got a goal 4 instead of a goal 9 team.
    We can offer to sack you from the league you're in, in case that causes you too much problmes, but as we stated on league updates topic, updates may occur on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you've to leave next season settings to last day

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    @jurgenw87 I resigned before I read your message, I will choose a next club at the latest moment the next time. Is it possible you can change the number of resignations from 1 to 0? Thanks in advance.

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    @gurumies_nl unfortunately, this is not possible, sorry!