[BUG] Got kicked from managing team once I joined a crew

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    Login: Dromichaites
    Account: Slot1
    League number: don't know, Italia, matchday 20 or 21, was playing vs Inter Milan tonight (I was managing AC Milan)
    Date & Time of the bug: around 10:50 am on 17/12/2020 (CET)
    Platform: Website, Mozilla Firefox, PC
    Screenshots: can't replicate
    Bug step-by-step Description: Decided to join a crew last night, Joined some random crew, then this morning after I tried to join the team in battle, I realized, the menu at the top for managing my team disappeared and I had no team. I didn't bother at the time thinking it's just something that will go away if I log in again later. Tried it again tonight, same issue.

    Tried logging in from different browser, different PC, on Google Chrome this time, same issue. I am not managing my team anymore. it's very frustrating as I was coming back to this game after around 10 years or so and I got my head around the new tactics and leading the league by 14-15 points.

    Plus it's stupid that I can't post this shit because I have to wait 900 seconds!! Are you people for real???????????

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    Apparently, you resigned from your league when you joined the crew battle.

    When joining a crew battle, you are allowed to select the slot you wish to use and if you select a slot where you're already managing a team, then the battle team will automatically resign you from the team in that slot.

    No bug!