• Portuguese Users

    I'm here to report an anomaly about the tactics. Over this last months I have been playing a lot of crew battles (legend division) and I'm really impressed that it's easier to win a league playing with 5 defenders with a small team, than playing with 3 or 4 defenders with a top team. That makes no sense, the tactis with 5 and 6 defenders are completely unbalanced compared to the others.
    It shouldn't be possible to win almost every game against any tactic playing with a bad team, just because of having 5 defenders, it simply doesn't happen in real life. I mean, if you have a bad team, you need to play defensive, and by doing that you may get a draw or a win in a match against a much better team, but it's almost impossible in real life to get wins after wins with a small team playing always defensive, and that happens all the time in OSM. Especially, I have noticed that this tactics are really overpowered even when the difference between the teams involved isn't that much.
    I've played against many coaches that don't even change the tactics over the battle, they always use the same tactic with 5 defenders from the beginning and doesn't really matter what you use to try to defeat them, they will simply win most of the matches by 1-0 and become champions or vice-champions.
    To conclude, I really think you should adjust the power of 5 and 6 defenders tactics, otherwise, it's worth it to buy bad players and sell the good ones, so you can play defensive and win, since it's easier to win playing defensive.