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    Thank you for answering my question about the Weekend special. And as well thanks for trying to blame me in the same way you want to judge me.... whatever....

    Now I send a picture, maybe then the support can find a better answer then before. On the picture you see where I arrive after pressing the orange button on the left. Can show me the offer wall please? There are only two options...watching ads or entering a promo code.... So now explain me please which option I should choose to get the triple coins? I wonder if you can.... thanks a lot for being so polite in your last answer.... But thank you real if you find an answer now without blaming me for asking a question! Orkun chran![0_1608820522114_OSM_special_2.tiff](Uploading 100%)OSM_special_2.png

  • @marcuswöll Hi mate,

    the three offer wall (Tapjoy, Fyber, and ironSource) were removed from the Webb. The reason why they were removed is that there are very few users that are still focused on the Web.

    If you want to have access to these offers you can use an Android emulator on your PC.

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    @lirind Thanks a lot... that is understandable. The Training special works... interesting 🙂

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    @lirind Thanks!