One Computers, two OSM accounts allowed?

  • English Users

    Me and my brother both play OSM on our phones however sometimes I login on the computer because everything feels easier there for me. My brother wanted to do the same thing but I told him not to because I was afraid him and I would get banned because we'd login via the same IP. Can this happen? Or is he allowed to login on the same Computer as me?

  • You're allowed to use same device to log on OSM. You just need to be careful and never log on each others account...

    But most important than that is that you observe OSM Terms at all times.
    If you chose to play on same league, just see each other as a rival and not someone that can go easy on a deal and sell cheaper because he doesn't have enough money or pay a lot for a weak player, because th other needs money to buy a better player.... if you do that, both will be locked.

    We love to see family members/friends playing together and against each other, we understand that not everyone can have individual PCs or Smartphones, so there's nothing wrong with it, unless you don't play fair by favouring one of you!