Is it a new bug in the game?

  • I will explain my 'problem' here, and I will put the evidence, I hope that the admins and the people who deal with these things will check what it is about, and will work on this problem.

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    In just a couple of days, almost 2 identical situations happened to me, and two different texts about how I didn't place all 11 players in the first team. When it first happened, I said to myself, ok maybe I really forgot, went in and took a picture of the screenshot where all 11 of my players are in the starting lineup. A few days later the same thing happened to me, it is no longer a coincidence. I really don’t want that due to some bugs in the game, my results to fall out in the coming period, especially in some perhaps more important slot than these two different ones. I would just like you to investigate this, and fix if there is a problem, that things like this do not happen in the future. I hope someone will answer me from the admin.
    Sincerely, Alexandar

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    Yes, this is true. Some managers from my crew have been complaining about their lineup not being saved by system/game and they need 3-4 times to put the players in lineup until the game saves it.

  • @jetont my team are here, post it well, always check it few times.. But something weird happening for sure.. And some problem are there, they should fix it soon as possible.