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    First, my data analyst with the intel, gives me the info of the opponent team of the day, usually when he goes into secret training after i had the intel, a "lock" appears, and i cant keep watching his formation and tactics, thats how it works right?
    Now.. how can this be possible, that many times in the last month, the opponent goes secret training/camp, but the game doesnt show me that, never, i really saw the teams minute by minute checking if something changed, and it didnt, but when the match is done, it turns out the opponents DID USE both tactics. Is this a bug? or just a nice trick of waiting till last minute(with lot of luck and timing) and thats why in the last month it doesnt show me when they locked doors, or went into camp without locked doors?

    Second, and most annoying, a bot, with 81 overall stat against my 101, i used all my best players, his goalkeeper was a 69 goalkeeper with low moral(40%), i decided to play 4-4-2, shots at any time, offensive at 65/100, 50/100 pressing and 50/100 to focus on getting highest chances to get possesion. The bot used 3-3-2-2 with long passes. The result was 1 - 1 . 60% possesion for my team, and only 9 shots, against 6 for the bot. How can this happen?
    All the players in my formation were on top condition.

    Edit: I understand in the second point, that it may be just "luck", because its a game of chances, but it seems that im doing something wrong, so thats why i decided to post this here, maybe someone can put a light over this type of games.