Can't play ads for free BC on Android app

  • English Users

    I used to watch 9 ads per hour for free BC until 3-4 days ago when i got an update for OSM and since then it randomly lets me watch ads couple times at max in a day( i don't neccessarely blame the update, just mentioning when it started). This might be country related, because same thing started happening to other managers from same country (GEORGIA).

    When i click on ad, i just see spinning ball icon and nothing comes up. I tried a lot of things: reinstalled OSM, cleared cash/data, logged out/in, turned on/off personilised ads. I can still watch ads if i play OSM from PC (browser version), but i can only watch 6 ads per hour that way. My BC income has reduced drastically because of this problem and i would really appreciate if anyone helps