Protection of your own account !

  • Hello fellow managers and friends on OSM ! 😃

    Today something really weird happened to me for the first time after being a user on this game for many years.
    I received messages ( on my OSM message box ) from a certain manager that was a complete stranger to me asking me at first to join his crew.
    I thanked him of course and politely refused his offer. The strange part begins after my reply to him. He sent a new message to me , telling me more or less these words : "Oh please please tell me your password so I can add you on my friend list. I need your password to do that. I want to have my 250 friends here. Please my friend! "
    I knew nothing about this guy and he kept calling me " his friend " ?!

    And now I come here to inform all of you OSM players and mostly to warn and advise you .
    You must never, I repeat never (!) , for no reason whatsoever share your personal password with any other person. Meaning the secret password that you use to enter on OSM. Not even if your best friend or brother asks you for it! Always make sure nobody sees you when you type it , always protect your own account and gaming time from the rest of the world! It is strictly personal , connected directly with your Username and e'mail on the OSM database for the protection of your own account.
    Oh, and if anyone wishes to add you on his/her friend list all it takes is your Username, a click on your game profile on the word ADD or a click on your forum profile... its so easy really.
    Last but not least , if you have any similar experience it is best to report such a user to the Support Team of OSM.

    So... Any questions guys and gals? Has any of you been approached in this manner ?

  • Polish Moderator

    @supernova-8 Don't ever, for any reason give your password for strangers.

  • @toomanyways I knew this already mate , so of course I ignored this absurd request. But what about the rest of our community? I wanted to make sure no decent and honest manager would fall on such a trap.

  • 😭 nop.

  • Who will pass the password is manager the user who does not use the forum.

  • English Users

    If someone says this to me, yeah I'll understand that he's kinda hacker or something. Last but not the least, always report that manager.

  • English Users

    @supernova-8 But doesn't everybody wants to be your friend? I know I do 😉

    but then again, I wouldn't ask for your password then would I...🤔

    btw good to see you again sweetheart 🤗 (or mate for some 😂 )

  • @dennis-s-bergkamp Dennis The Menace !!! 😃OmG!! 😂 I missed you too buddy! So glad to hear from you again ! 🤗😘🤗