• Dutch Users

    Hi OSM,

    I can not load OSM on my smartphone (via Chrome browser) anymore.
    I keep getting redirected to www.onlinesoccermanager.nl/dashboard and then a popup appears 'Er is iets verkeerd gegaan, we vernieuwen de pagina om dit te verhelpen.'.
    It is no use if I press on the 'Ok'-button (or the 'x' on top) as the same thing keeps happening.
    Also if I try to open another page (like career/profile/...), the same redirect and popup appear.

    It has probably to do with the last Club/Slot I opened?
    Yesterday the Competition of that Slot ended and I entered in another Competition on my laptop.

    Is there a way to bypass this issue so I can use my smartphone's browser again?

    Thanks in advance.

  • English Users

    Yeah this happens with me too. After I open one club, I have to close the browser and re-login in OSM to choose another club. Many times, it also shows choose league even if I click on a club which is filled.

  • Dutch Users

    I was finally able to 'solve' (read bypass) this issue...

    After dozens of times trying to open up the career-page, all it took was a very slow connection. Because of the slow connection, the redirect to the dashboard took very long to be triggered, so I was able to select another Team/Slot before the actual refresh happened.

    But if someone knows a more elegant solution, that would be very much appreciated.