Who can do 'better' (read worse)?

  • Dutch Users

    I do not know if this has anything to do with the new Update, but my first match resulted in the worst stats I have ever seen.

    It was an (Crew Battle) out game with overall value 80 for my opponent, 92 for myself. Ok, to be honest, my opponent had Field level 3, so an additional 6% (= 4.8) which brings his total to 85. Still the odds were looking in my favor, so I was sticking with 4-3-3 B wing-play.

    I lost the game by 1-0 which can happen, I guess... But my Team only managed to gather 1 lousy shot. Even with a defender getting a red card after 21 minutes, this doesn't look realistic to me. In my other games I had an average of about 13 shots per game, which is about 1.4 per 10 minutes or should have been 3 shots for the 21 minutes with my entire squad. Even with only 10 players on the field, my 4-3-3 B should have generated more shots against 4-5-1.

    Even the comments after the match did not make any sense:

    • daring to play zone coverage against attackers: does not sound right to me if my opponent uses 4-5-1?!
    • all those chances, to bad you did not get the 3 points: what chances? I only managed to get 1 shot!


    I am recording the stats of my games, so I was looking for similar occurrences, but found none.
    The second worst stats I could find, were a Computer opponent (overall 63 playing 4-5-1) who had 2 shots against my 4-3-3 B (overall 80).

    So can someone tell me who broke 4-3-3 B?