Delete Club about Application

  • German Users

    Hi everyone i need your help. I cant delete my Account about the App. I know its just possible about the Website but the Problem is that i dont know my Password and my Email Adress. Its an Account of 2018. i sent a E-Mail to the Support Team but Nobody answered. Please find a Solution for this ingame Name: FeTiiTo

  • English Users

    @fethi_1993 hi mate, if I am not wrong, for security reasons you will not be able to delete your account using the app. In case someone hates you and just takes ur phone and delete it.
    The last line is just an example.

  • You've two options:

    • Set an e-mail on old account, request a pass and delete account on Web (or link account to FB and log on Web with FB account)
    • Stop logging on the account you want to delete for good (also resign the team you're managing)

    But, I believe you want to log on the app with the new account, so you'll need assistance from staff. In this case, please contact support by mail on