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    I want to inquire why the boss coin prices for android and web differ?

    For instance, getting the super pack on web goes for 54.99 euros while on the phone it goes for 33.54 euros. That is a travesty in my book.

    I need answers please?

  • @ekene-onnuora Hi mate,

    I don't have that problem. On my android and Webb, the price is the same.

    It might help if you remove cookies and cache, including all data, and see again...

    Screenshot_20210226-123047_OSM.jpg Screenshot_20210226-123036_Samsung Internet.jpg

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    @lirind ![alt text](Screenshot_20210301-174619_OSM[1].jpg image url)

    Screenshot of Web Boss Coins.png

    In the first image you will discover that currencies are paid in Naira. The screenshot was taken from my android.

    On the second picture (for WEB), I pay in Euros and it isn't the equivalent of the sum I pay Naira if you conduct a foreign exchange.

    On Android
    200 Boss Coins = 650 Naira = 1.42 Euros
    525 Boss Coins = 1,550 Naira = 3.38 Euros
    1,125 Boss Coins = 3,110 Naira = 6.77 Euros
    2,350 Boss Coins = 6,230 Naira = 13.57 Euros
    6250 Boss Coins = 15,500 Naira = 33.75 Euros
    13,500 Boss Coins = 31,000 Naira = 67.51 Euros

    On Web
    200 Boss Coins = 2.29 Euros
    525 Boss Coins = 5.49 Euros
    1125 Boss Coins = 10.99 Euros
    2350 Boss Coins = 21.99 Euros
    6250 Boss Coins = 54.99 Euros
    13500 Boss Coins = 109.99 Euros

    Do you see the discrepancies?? Why would such be allowed. I feel Web players are ripped off!!!

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    For me it seems like a perfect scam for foreign exchanges
    Well done by OSM, well done...

  • Thanks for reporting these differences to us!

    Prices for in-app purchases are partially decided on by external parties like Google Play. Prices are also influenced by exchange rates and local spendable incomes. Of course, we do what we can to try to keep a fair play ground for all the managers in OSM.