Vacation mode: i'm leaving for a holiday next friday for 9 days, i don't have wifi access there

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    Next friday i'm leaving for a ski holiday for about 9 days. At my ski hotel is Wifi (but only by extra payment). I'm not gone pay extra for Wifi. How many days can i left my profile without seeing before i will fired at my football club? A few years ago their was vakantie modus, but that is not available anymore because OSM thinks you will have anywhere in the world access to wifi, but that's not true. Will i be fired ? or can i be sure i'm not fired when i come back online at 30th of january ? Sorry for my bad English

  • @Kevin21jaar_NL Hi, welcome.
    In this game you can't get fired, the only thing that could happen is that the league moderator kicks you out after 3 days inactivity (that goes only for leagues with a real manager as league moderator.)

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    Hello Hespera. I'm have looked for the moderator of my league. Next to de list of the teams, i see that moderator is OSM (small letters). I can't get fired after a inactivity off 3 days when OSM is the moderator someone else told me that.

    Sorry for my bad english

  • @Kevin21jaar_NL Yeah and that was I'm trying to say too 😉
    Enjoy your holiday.