Where are all the left midfielders?

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    I'm just coming towards the end of a "Winner's Cup" tournament. I have been searching and scouting for a left midfielder, but none ever came up. Also none of the 32 teams in the tournament had one either.

    Seems like a bug to me.

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    There surely are very-very (1000 times) less left midfielders on Earth. That's why I never prefer the formations with left and right midfielders unless needed. Talking about left midfielders, I am not sure but maybe Douglas Costa, Kingsley Coman and Thorgan Hazard might be the best left midfielders. Maybe all of them might be left wingers in OSM 🤣🤣😂

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    about fantasy league budget they said: "what do you think it will happen if all managers had 300M to build a team? Do you think that there are enough Top players to build 10 teams?"
    also they: "remain four 80+ rm and zero 80+ lm"
    obviously its a bug, in my understanding, wingers (rf and lf) in real life often play the role of rm or lm, supporting the defense and playing along the entire edge; as well as laterals from the defense side
    my suggestion is to add rm and lm to 433a and 433b formations and move some lf and rf to lm and rm positions
    but probably we just have to adopt to it

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    @vinayak-singh-mehra Hi Vinayak. You must spend a lot of time on here 🙂

    Yes I'm sure there are far fewer left midfielders than other positions, but if we are to match players to their 'correct' positions in order to achieve the most from them, then there are quite a few line-ups that we can't use which specify LM e.g. 4-4-2A, which is one of my preferred options.

    I have used my highest rated CM as an LM with the knowledge that some of his effectiveness may be lost.

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    Here, Son could be added as a left midfielder but he's a left winger in OSM. For resolving this issue, GameBasics should bring the utility positions feature. It will take some time, but I hope someday it will surely come.