error in averaging the player

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    When transferring a player from a team in the same league to a team, the player plays with an average of 7 in 10 games, for example, and after transferring the player to your own team, the other match gets an average of 9 when the other game is played in the game, but this is not included in the average before him and the player seems to be an average of 9. We took the player from the opponent team and when it comes to us, the average is reset, it does not make much sense, as if there is a mistake here.

  • Hi and welcome to support forum,

    Can you please clarify what's your problem? It can help if you take a look at this post to guide you when reporting an error!

    I noticed that you're a Turkish user, maybe it would be easier for you if you report it on Turkish support forum!

  • Turkish Users

    We transfer a player from our own league, while the average player is 7 in the 10th week, the 11th week is in our own team and that match plays with an average of 9 and the remaining 10 weeks average is reset in the same league.
    In other words, the average of the player is 7, but because she gets 9 in the other game, it becomes 9, it creates the impression that she has never played a match before her

  • Sorry..... 😞

    Please have a chat with someone with a better English to help you out or try to explain things step by step with short sentences, translator may work better like that

    Also, check Menu names on English version of OSM...

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    @specialone i think there is some problem with the correct display of the player's rating.
    . @Darkrohan could you please add some screenshots to explain it?