The scout failed...twice

  • I asked the scout for a forward with +90 ability.
    Then payed the 32 coins for urgency.
    What I got was 3 players with 80ish ability.

    Thought it was an error because the coins remained the same, so I asked the scout again, and the same happened again.
    But this time, the 32+32 coins were removed, and I didn't got what I asked...

    How can we solve this ?

    I have a pic of the 80ish players I got from the scout, if you would like to see, and if there is a way to send you...

    my email is :

    thanks and best regards

    Pedro Alves

  • Hi, welcome.
    There are very view +90 players especially when your looking for young ones.
    Because those will be gone first, since the scout never comes back empty handed he comes back with the next best thing. My advice would be to search in a wider range.

  • @Hespera

    but I searched for experienced ones (25 to 29) not young...

  • Did you also checked your league for +90 players? Because there are really not that much +90 players and if they are in your league already then you have the same thing.

  • No respons from the OP, so this can be closed.

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