Hello i lost my account in a such misterious way!!!

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    Hello! I wanna mention al most 3 months ago i lost my account from these reasons:

    I change my phone and when i instaled osm i have no ideea how my account switch it with a new one...the one i speack now. My account was
    “ PrintulZeu” and i have it from 30-12-2017 i play 4 years everyday and i won allot of cups and title i want it back! Can u check it to see...i’m not expecting to believe me but at least if u can email me that email i use it because i know the password. Please. Thanks.

  • @florinjr33 Hi mate,

    are you aware that having more than one account is not allowed on OSM?

    Contact the support team at EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com and explain the problem in detail and put your manager name in the email.