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    Hey there,

    i know, random selling on the transfer list, but in all my years i never experienced this:

    in all 3 teams (except the team i started new) i did not sell a single player in FOUR days. that is not normal. could u pls check for a bug or something? this is not random selling....

    thank u 🙂

  • Russian Users

    @bensonbsc i suppose you are experienced enough to understand that players over 10M are selling much worse, especially in the second half of the league
    if other teams are doing well with transfers, this is hardly some kind of bug
    i have a similar feeling after transfer madnesses, will call it "transfer hangover" 🙂

  • German Users

    Hey Mate,

    thanks for the reply. So maybe its because of the transfer madness, u are right...
    i never experienced this in nine years i play this game...so yeah, lets see 🙂

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    @bensonbsc recently I did not have a single transfer during the second day of pre-season 😄

  • German Users

    😄 thats crazy!!!

    in my german league. my last sold player is from 2nd may...thats TEN DAYS!!!! the other team with same strength is selling a player EACH DAY......so, thank u, this is not fair at all, and no statement from OSM/GB.

    👎 👎 👎

  • English Moderator


    Just as it has been stated severally on the forums, transfers are simply random.

    No bug here!

  • Hi,

    Just to add some extra info about this specific situation:

    • Players that you've listed on TL were added yesterday/today (not sure if you had them there before and just re-added/changed price yesterday/today)
    • Increase rates are high (around 2 times)
    • Price value are high (37M to 60M)
    • There were 2 players sold on your league earlier today and their selling price was around 20M
    • There are 7 other players from other managers added before yours on Transfer list that were not sold yet for exactly same reasons, high value and high increase rate

    It was explained several times that selling system is random based on selling chances. These selling chances are calculated based on Transfer Value (Price) and Increase rate.
    If you're not selling with the combination you've set, you've to try different ones.

    If you want to test if there's any issues with your specific account, just buy a low value player from TL (below 2M) and set him on TL at his maximum amount. I'm pretty sure you'll sell him in less than 24h 👍