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    • My team was statistically better than my last opponent, somewhere around 10%
    • I played at home, without any Field upgrade for home advantage
    • Both teams no training camps before the match
    • 5th minute of the game i get a red card (possible due hard tackling, no complaints there)
    • A little bit later my opponent only gets a yellow card for the same type of foul
    • 32nd minute i get a yellow card for 'Erasing the referee's spray' which is total bullsh*t
    • 48th minute of the game i'm down 0-2
    • 76th minute my team scored, which was denied by the VAR due offside
    • 86th minute my team scored again, which again was denied by the VAR due a foul this time

    I'm not new to the game. Almost every team i manage(d), uses hard tackling and never before i experienced such a poorly scripted match like this one. I don't mind losing a game and in football everything can happen i know. But this bullshit? This is the stuff which triggers a good old-fashion stadium riot in real life and it should...

    I need no awnser guys. I do like the game and will keep playing on. But no more of this bullsh*t please, thanks for that...

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    This post is deleted!