New Competition Indonesia issue with preparation days

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    I have just entered into a new competition (Indonesia) and I still have 4 days to prep (which I thought was the maximum possible).


    But if I look at the Transfers, there were already a few Teams added to this competition a day ago, and because of the TransferMadness there were already plenty of Transfers made.


    Those Teams have now already a hugh advantage over me. And if I knew that there were Teams that already had 1 full day of preparations, I never would have joined this Competition.

    How is this possible that some Teams had 5 days of preparation? I never have seen this before.

    Can I get drafted into a new Competition were non of the Teams have already had the chance to make Transfers?

  • Dutch Users

    And it is getting even worse... All of a sudden I only have 3 days of preparation left!


    That was not were I signed for... Initially I had 4 days of preparation and now they have taken 1 day away from me. I am not ok with that.

    Can I please get drafted into a new Competition with 4 days of preparation were all Teams just have entered today?

  • Indonesian Moderator

    @bvbperegrinus_nl Unfortunately, that's not possible, beside you can't leave your team while you still in the preparation day.

    It's up to your choice. If you don't want to compete in your current league, just wait until first match finished and then you can resign immediately and start again with the new league and team you want.

    About how active your competitors in your league, that's because of Transfer Madness Event, they take the opportunity to upgrade his team squad value and they made it.

  • English Moderator

    @A26_Rahmadillah Thanks 👍

    @BVBPeregrinus_NL Just to add, it was a visual issue, the timer on the second screenshot (second post) is the correct one. And as my college stated above, if you don't want to continue you can always resign from the league!