Follow up question preparation day issues

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    You both are missing the real issue here...

    It wasn't just a visual issue as it clearly stated that there were 4 prep days left before I signed up for this competition and the first screenshot just confirmed this after I signed up.
    The real issue is that my open slot was already cleared to the next day, where as the competition I entered was still being processed. It was only after a quarter (second screenshot) that this Competition also rolled into the next day. But that does not make this right as I could not have known that this was the case.
    So during the signup-phase, there should also be some indication that this competition is still being processed and isn't rolled into the next day just yet. That way I know for sure, that if join, that already 1 day of preparations have passed.

    I know that I can resign after the first match, but that way I am just wasting my time for the next 3 days.
    Cant you just kick me out of this competition (you have my permission) so I can already enter a new one?

    If nothing can be done for my case, I only hope that this will at least be reported as a bug so that this can be fixed and won't happen again in the future!

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    I understood your point perfectly.

    Simulation does not depend on slot but the league in which you are participating in.

    League was still on 4 prep days when you joined the league and after a few minutes of completing simulation it became 3 prep days. The visual issue was with the timer displaying 3days plus instead of 2 days and this info was corrected when page was revisited/updated/reloaded!

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    @king_jamiu_10 But surely you can see that this is not transparent for the user... how could I have known that the simulation for this particular competition was not yet completed? If there is some kind of indication that the simulation is still ongoing, that way people know that the actual prep days shown have not yet been updated.

    But anyway... I will try to take this knowledge into consideration the next time I join a new competition. Maybe I just was to eager to join and I should have waited just a little bit longer to be sure that ALL simulations were finished.

    For now, I will try to make the best of my current situation and use this little setback to come out stronger.

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    @bvbperegrinus_nl Indeed! I will forward this though but I'm not promising anything as it's up to GB to look at it.