FORMOZA: Reprezentacja Polski U21 w OSM (2021-2024)

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    Asystent selekcjonera: @Dino-Ligenza.

    Właściciel topiku: @FORMOZA - selekcjoner reprezentacji Polski U21 w OSM (2021-2024).
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    ebe93885-0032-468a-9999-e6e93650d395-image.pngVI 2021 - ...
    Kadra z kryteriami U21:
    @IliasMontana (PV)
    @Łowkiet-Łukasz (HPL)
    john adams_2 (PL)
    adiceglihno (AMP
    @Fajresss (PAM)
    @Daxidoo (PL)
    @Janex123 (PAM)

    Powyżej U21:

    @daroo933 (HPL)

    1⃣ runda - start 14.06.2021: (Cel 1) @john adams_2, (Cel 3) @daroo933, (Cel 5) @Fajresss, (Cel 7) @Iliasmontana.

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    Podział na grupy - 🇵🇱 w grupie B

    Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 18-52-58 1623605030389-66b98918-89ba-4ae9-bfb8-7ae747c18c99-image png (obraz PNG, 1089×113 pikseli).png

    Przypisane kluby do celów

    Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 18-53-43 1623605334949-21258893-5e06-41d7-8386-27d15805286d-image png (obraz PNG, 1197×195 pikseli).png

    Liga 1

    G1 - napoleon_26 - PM
    G1 - SCCPwhite
    G3 - Pint97
    G3 - محمد پیری_2
    G5 - Followdareme
    G5 - otman zaabali
    G7 - Jaciel mata1

    G7 - Iliasmontana

    Liga 2

    G1 - Italovenezolano

    G1 - John Adams_2 - PM

    G3 - wasim Baig
    G3 - gustavomatematico
    G5 - Bovenzi Christian
    G5 - Sjd8shamsi
    G7 - CahaYa seNja
    G7 - anass ans_1

    Liga 3

    G1 - agung rastafara - PM
    G1 - ayratbi
    G3 - antonio_2610_1

    G3 - Daroo933

    G5 - Arindam1805
    G5 - Dlucca2014
    G7 - alessio99_
    G7 - امیربهراد نیری 1384

    Liga 4

    G1 - Rigga84
    G1 - King_blue - PM
    G3 - Nicolas N70
    G3 - oussaada hicham
    G5 - kike hernández_0

    G5 - Fajresss

    G7 - Anubhav Ghosh
    G7 - Joe Stravinsky

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    @dino-ligenza 8a011f31-b021-45e6-bcc0-ad7ce47670f8-image.png
    Good evening friends!

    “The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.”
    ― Ezra Pound

    Welcome to today's edition of Nations Blog!

    Tomorrow (15/06) is the big day! The 1st Round of the Nations Cup U21 Qualifying Phase starts!

    All leagues must be created between 11h30 and 13h00 CET!

    Why this schedule you may ask? Well, we have National Teams from all around the globe playing! And we all must bear in mind that for the far east countries, like Australia, Indonesia and India, the time difference is huge comparing to the western countries, like Venezuela and Uruguay, or Argentina, for instance. So, by using this leagues creation schedule, we're making it possible for the far east countries' players to be online when the leagues are up and running!

    Now, we'll share the leagues compositions, once more, and the PM's in charge of creating them.

    But before that, we remind you all that yesterday we've already shared here in the topic all the info needed for the leagues creation (an extensive league creation walkthrough, and all the players OSM nicknames):


    In Group A we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇮🇳 India U21 vs Brazil U21 🇧🇷
    🇮🇹 Italy U21 vs Iran U21 🇮🇷

    In Group B:

    🇮🇩 Indonesia U21 vs Morocco U21 🇲🇦
    🇻🇪 Venezuela U21 vs Poland U21 🇵🇱

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1AB
    @napoleon_26 (India U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2AB
    @John-Adams_2 (Poland U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3AB
    @agung-rastafara (Indonesia U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4AB
    @King_blue (Iran U21)


    In Group C we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates U21 vs Egypt U21 🇪🇬
    🇦🇷 Argentina U21 vs Ukraine U21 🇺🇦

    In Group 😧

    🇵🇹 Portugal U21 vs France U21 🇫🇷
    🇦🇿 Azerbaijan U21 vs Colombia U21 🇨🇴

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1CD
    @Mak21111 (U.A.E. U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2CD
    @AFelipe0727 (Colombia U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3CD
    @Diogo-o-manager-2 (Portugal U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4CD
    @Dinozavr (Ukraine U21)


    In Group E we'll have the following National Teams confrontations, in this 1st Round:

    🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina U21 vs Uruguay U21 🇺🇾
    🇦🇺 Australia U21 vs Spain U21 🇪🇸

    In Group F:

    🇳🇬 Nigeria U21 vs Peru U21 🇵🇪
    🇭🇺 Hungary U21 vs Kenya U21 🇰🇪

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 1EF
    @Ance08 (Bosnia and Herzegovina U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 2EF
    @Kenn-Nyaga (Kenya U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 3EF
    @Bobdammy (Nigeria U21)

    NCU21 - R1 - LEAGUE 4EF
    @Han111 (Spain U21)

    And we're all set!

    Please choose your teams correctly!

    You can check the U21 Nations Cup Regulation here.

    Remember: any complaint, should be forwarded to the Nations Cup email:


    Hello OSM fanatics! Beats Bytes in the house!

    We are on the eve of the start of the 1st Edition of the Nations Cup U21, and we are going to have a spectacular competition! Yesterday we had the draw, which dictated the fate of the National teams, for the qualifying round.

    Let's analyze the groups, the National teams and their qualifying possibilities!

    Today we start with Group A, in which we will have a great OSM power: Brazil! Which will be accompanied by India, who as you know won the Nations Cup 2021 with the main National team, and therefore will be a serious candidate to qualify for the next phase. Then we have another great OSM power: Italy! That despite not having competed in the Nations Cup 2021, he will always be a candidate even for the final victory! Finally, we have Iran, who will be the outsider in this group, but beware that sometimes there are surprises! This is without a doubt the "Group of Death"!

    In Group B, we will have Indonesia, which in the Nations Cup 2021 was a pleasant surprise, making an excellent R1 phase, although in the Final they couldn't maintain the same level of performance. Morocco will also be among the candidates to pass the next stage, as demonstrated at NC21 in which it qualified for the Final, and it came to walk in the front places. Another National Team very interesting is Poland, which despite not having been very happy in NC21, failing to qualify for the final, is always very combative and talented. Finally, in this Group B, we have Venezuela, which already has some experience in this type of competition, and which will certainly want to leave a more positive image, than its participation in NC21. This is perhaps the "Balanced Group" any one of the 4 National teams can move to the next stage!

    Tomorrow I'll be back with Groups C and D analysis! Stay tuned!

    Cheers! Beats Bites is out!


    And now it's time to welcome @Flanatico-NE , Brazil 🇧🇷National Team Coach, in today's Nations Blog interview!

    Thank you Nadson! Best of luck to Brazil U21! 🇧🇷

    Any doubt or suggestion, please share with us, by PM or in the Representatives Whatsapp channel :


    See you tomorrow! From now on, Nations Blog will be presented in a daily basis! Don't miss it!

    Believe in the Future!
    NC staff

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    Pierwsza potyczka ⚔

    🇻🇪 Venezuela U21 Screenshot_2021-05-16 images (obraz JPEG, 216×233 pikseli).png Poland U21 🇵🇱


    John Adams_2 RFC Seraing

    @daroo933 RWD Molenbeek

    @Fajresss KSK Lierse Kempenzonen

    @IliasMontana KMSK Deinze

    john adams_2.jpgdaroo993-17.jpgFajresss.jpgIliasMontana.jpg

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    Nowy projekt(5).jpg
    Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 18-53-33 Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion.pngNowy projekt(4).jpg

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    Nowy projekt(5)(1).jpg
    Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 18-53-33 Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion.pngNowy projekt(4)(1).jpg

  • Dawajcie panowie macie ich juz!!!! 😉

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    Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 10-47-55 Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion.jpg

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    Brawo Panowie! Premierowe zwycięstwo z nowym selekcjonerem 😄

  • Brawooo panowie!!!! 😉

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    @dino-ligenza Gratulacje dla całej ekipy 👏 💪 🇵🇱.

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    Druga potyczka ⚔⚔

    🇲🇦 Morocco U21 Screenshot_2021-05-16 images (obraz JPEG, 216×233 pikseli).png Poland U21 🇵🇱

    Goście (nadal)

    G1 @adiceglihno

    G3 @Janex123

    G5 @Łowkiet-Łukasz

    G7 @Daxidoo

    adiceglihno.jpgJanex123.jpgŁowkiet Łukasz.jpgDaxidoo.jpg

    Więcej informacji wkrótce

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    Brawo ekipa, brawo trener! 🇵🇱
    Jedziecie z kolejnymi! 💪

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     **Losowanie > LIGA - KLUBY - PODZIAŁ NA GRUPY**

    Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 15-47-18 FORMOZA Reprezentacja Polski U21 w OSM (2021-2024)(1).jpg Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 15-24-54 1625394730847-07788b99-b37b-4385-ab77-63178b692801-image png (obraz PNG, 1069×230 pikseli).png




    ViToR_BraSiL_BooladosFC (PM)

    محمد پیری_2




    G7 @Daxidoo Sabail


    Ronaldo Ouazize

    G1 @Adiceglihno Keshla


    Francesco833 (PM)







    kike hernández_0 (Edited name)

    Oussaada Hicham (PM)

    G3 @Janex123 Neftchi

    wasim Baig








    juan rosales_6 (PM) Edited name

    Otman zaabali

    G5 @Łowkiet-Łukasz Sabah


    Moschetti Alessio

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    Kolejka 1


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    @janex123 Dobre otwarcie dla Polski 💪 🇵🇱.

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    Nasz kadrowicz na „Ścianie Chwały” Nations Cup u21 Brawo!!!

    Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 18-54-25 Nations Cup U21 - Explanation, FAQ, Rules and Discussion.png

    Dla Was Panowie też jest tam miejsce, gwoździe już wbite.

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    Po 4 kolejkach powiększamy przewagę


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    Tabelka na półmetku rozgrywek 2 rundy eliminacyjnej


    Złapaliśmy lekką zadyszkę i ja oraz @Daxidoo spadliśmy z pierwszych miejsc. Na razie formę trzyma @Łowkiet-Łukasz. Cieszy pierwszy punkt @adiceglihno w ostatniej kolejce pierwszej połówki, ale liczymy, że Adam odrobi punkty w rundzie rewanżowej 😉 Nie można lekceważyć Maroka, są silni, każdy z nas musi zachować pełną koncentrację, żeby sytuacja jaka jest teraz nie wymknęła się nam z pod kontroli

    Klasufikacja punktowa na ten moment