Transfer workers just before match

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    I noticed that since about a week there are transfer workers just before my match time. I don't want transfer workers to happen in the last hour before the match simulation because the player can be in my starting 11. Can you ask GB to prevent this in the future?

    I have 3 examples:

    One of my players (Busquets) has just been sold only 10-15 minutes before my match is simulated on June 18, transfer worker at 21:38; match simulation around 21:50. This happened on server Mauro. He was sold from my team Coventry City (English Championship) to Barcelona, so this happened via a transfer worker. And yesterday (June 24) the same thing happened, also with Coventry City: Gündogan was sold at 21:48 and my match was simulated at 21:53. This time there was only 5 minutes between the last transfer worker and the match simultation!

    The same thing happened with my team Rotherdam United (server Paolo) on June 23. At 20:40 Brabec was sold via a transfer worker and 12 minutes later my match was simulated. Can you please inform me if this bug is already under investigation? I suppose this is something that changed unintended during a game update.

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    4 days later no reply at all, is this issue under investigation? Please let me know what the status is.

  • Answered on another topic

    @specialone said in Game Updates:

    @koningco This change on engines was on test until a few days ago, reason why we didn't answered to your question. Users would change their behaviour if they knew it and results of the test would have been influenced.

    Due to the positive results it was implemented yesterday on ALL servers/leagues.

    It's not doable to set restrictions before/after sims, because since we've sims at different times, it will be a complete mess and we'll have to slide transfer windows to late night again...

    My advise is that when users log for the last time before sims, they remove all players that are on line up from TL and on first login after sims, set them on TL again 👍