• Heya!

    So I created a league and set it private for my friends to hop on board as the first and then let everyone else in after, it turned out I'm unable switch off the private setting,
    I'm not too familiar with the forums, could be a known thing but is it possible to somehow have it on public or anything else to be done?

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    Which slot is this?
    Did you use advanced settings when setting up your league?

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    @king_jamiu_10 Hi, something similar is happening to me, when I click on moderator tools it sends me directly to the career menu, and I can't create the next private link that I want. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  • @smoder Your problem is not similar to the one from @Kaute-Kuusik
    There's an on going bug on Web version that should be fixed when next Web version is set live (it should have been earlier this week, but there were some last minute complications).

    You can set next season on Android or iOS App, or if you don't have any of them, please let us know and we'll make it possible for you to do it also on Web 👍

    @Kaute-Kuusik Like @King_Jamiu_10 said if you make changes on advanced options when creating league, you won't be able to open it later on. You got a warning about it when you did it on the league you created on your second slot.