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    Hi! It's me again. A few days ago I participated in this forum explaining that I completed one offer in the IronSource offer wall. I read de FAQ and i understand that, in those cases, the responsible is the partner (IronSource) so, i followed the process and sent them an email. However, their response was:

    "* If the offer's status is marked as Completed, it means we have sent your game provider the request to reward you. Therefore, please contact your Game Support directly to resolve the issue."

    Ok, now the responsible is OSM, but i didn't know what to do, there's is where i participated for the first time in the support forum, i got an answer from one of the admins, telling me i was supposed to send a n email to the OSM's support team email. And i did, i waited for 3-4 days for an answer, and it came today.

    "Thank you for contacting OSM support.

    These offers are maintained and offered through our partners. We unfortunately have no way to access their system and check your progress. If you have not yet received your rewards you will have to contact them regarding the status of your offer. You can do this by going into our business club, clicking on the specific partner and finding their support/missing BC button at the top or bottom of the offer wall."

    Once again, im trapped in a loop where, someone is telling me the other is the responsible of my Boss Coins. I sent screenshots to both showing the completed status of my offer.

    Now what? What should i do? I really dislike to act in this way, like an annoying customer asking for the manager, but i really don't want that all the time I invested in the offer had no value.

    So, please, help me, have a nice day

  • Hello again

    Have you done as asked on previous answer on this forum?


    If so, can you please reply to that mail and mention this answer here, or at least mention me on the mail?

    NOTE: There's no use on mention me, if you don't include ironsource mail neither the screenshots!