Spy line-up without use Data analysis bug

  • English Users

    When you use the site version on google chrome ( I don't tried in others navigators), click on league table and click on the team that you want to spy, for example : 0c5998d8-6ff7-487e-a652-b0038e57d256-image.png

    Click on the little triangle for change the team you are seeing, and after click on your team ( In the case I own Sport )

    when you does that, for a fraction of second, you can see who are playing, and the ones that are in the bench.d192f9df-66ee-425d-882d-40f5711301fc-image.png

    I hope that OSM solve this bug.

  • English Users

    Probably, there is some conditional, linked on the team you own, that allows you to see the ones that are playing and the ones that are in bench, and when you change the team you change the condition ( allows you to see the line up) but takes a fraction of second to receive the information of squad of the your own team from server, at this time you see the latter team but you also has permission to see the line up.

    You may change the program to only send the information of line up only to login's team owner or send the information of all teams in the league, so the squad will reload almost instantly when you change team's squad overview. I think the first one is better.

  • Tks for reporting it 👍

    This issue was forwarded and added to backlog. Will be looked at as soon as possible!