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    Bullshit new medal points.


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    @petar-v I agree:

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    You don't have a fair distribution of points, I have more wins, I have more points and I'm better ranked and I'm on target and yet I have fewer points than someone who is below targets and doesn't even have the same regularity as me. it's not fair and if it goes on like this this will be my last season in this game. I will immigrate to another one.
    I'm full.

  • Hi,

    You can find more information about Manager Medals on Divisions page (clicking on question mark)

    Apart from all info provided there, you should keep in mind that:

    • The higher the Division the harder to win medals and the easier to lose them
    • End of season position as well as difference between goal and position bonus are only added after last season match been played
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    It is not harder to win medals, it is impossible to gain more medals.
    On my level you lose around 1200-1400 points/medals if you lose from a manager.
    You win only 200 medals if you win against a manager. So you have to win 6 times from a manager to compensate one loss against a manager.

    With this I am already stuck for months at the end of level 9. This is no fun anymore, you can't progress in the ranking.
    I am also thinking of stopping the game.

  • @arnold-spaans
    You can level up quickly still, you just need to stop playing competitions and harder leagues, and base yourself on easier to win leagues and easier opponents. Sadly that is what OSM is doing with these medals, promoting playing against lvl 1-4 managers and newbies only, or inactive leagues 😕

    But as I hear, they are working on improving the system in a way that win vs lvl 10 manager will not be worth the same as win vs lvl 1-4 inactive manager, so lets wait and see If there will be some improvements, 😉

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    Win against computer 21, against manager 130. Losing a game -1400 or more. Bullshit!
    I'm not going to quit the game because I like it, but instead of improving it they are making it worse. There was nothing wrong with manager points.

  • As @Majstor-Matt said system will be reviewed and adjustments may happen, but it will take some time before this happens.