• Hello guys! Sorry if this is the wrong side of the forum but I was wondering one thing. Who should I contact if I suspect someone cheating?
    I have a guy in my league and he has Southhampton, the league has just started and his team is worth 387 millions, I've looked through the transfer and seen that he has sold his best players to his second team for a big price and bought the seconds teams best player for under the price.

    Here are some transfers.

    Sold Lallana for 36 mill to Watford.
    Sold Boufal to Watford for 33.6 mill.
    Sold De Rossi to Watford for 37,2 mill.
    Sold Rodrigues for 26.7 mill to Watford.
    Sold Long for 17,7 mill to Watford, sure maybe this one works but why would someone buy Long with 80 attack for 17.7 when you can buy an 85-87 for the same price?
    Bought Strootman from Watford for 12 mill
    Bought Pereyra from Watford for 13.8 and sold him for 34 to a Swdish team. I can accept the he sold him for that price but you see the pattern here?

    Hope this player gets banned or something, if this is the wrong side of the forum then accept my appoligy.
    The support can contact me for more info.

  • @HelenaSadiku Hi, welcome.
    The only right place to report that is through the system.
    You can find the report button if your going to the managers profile.