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    osm estimates. I want to know who can clarify something for me. They have a "free prizes" section where tapjoy (with whom I already contacted and did not give any response) offers promotions to advance in other games and obtain osm coins. It turns out that in a promotion "use 2 fragments of the void in less than 10 and win 10,000 coins" they did not give me my prize. is more I did it 2 times in 5 days. I asked for help in support and I only got an automated answer, I know because I tried from another game to ask and they gave the same answer, the point followed all the steps as I do with the other games. from the game that is raid shadow legends, yes they answered me, but they asked me to address you. What tests do they need? I even have a video capture that I did it, also captures, and I imagine they can ask for access to see if I succeeded. I need a solution. they have my name, my email, everything. I am looking forward to your response.