• Dutch Users

    Hey I just stepped in a league that is halfway, I face the current number 1 team with an overall of 96, my team had 76 overall. So I lost with 1-0 but I get almost -1000! Points.
    I'm a lvl9 coach and the other guy a lvl7 coach but still this is not realistic, if I won I maybe got 100points if lucky.
    The point system needs some more tweaking for such big team difference.

  • It's so true that winning a game gets you little Manager Medals as opposed to a loss where you lose A LOT.

    The system has recently been updated as well where a win earns you much less Manager Medals compared to before. I think it is to promote managers playing against other managers instead of having CPU only leagues.

  • Polish Users

    @gary-gomes thats correct. After update to win with CPU I will get +7 medals. Win with another manager about +150 medals. With medals it is not important what is goal of the team and value of team. Only what is Level od manager what is really unfair in your situation when you join middle of season.